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The secret weapon of your winter wardrobe.  The humble jumper has come a long way and this season there are some incredible piece on the high street.  I like to think of it as my ‘logo tee’ for the colder months. Why? Because those easy tee outfit combos can simply be replaced by a statement jumper. BOOM, no more what-to-wear moments, this is instant, effortless and best of all, WARM!

Here are some outfit combinations to get you started; that denim midi skirt you wore all summer, just add a jumper. Those new chunky cords you couldn’t resist, treat them like your jeans and finish with ankle boots/ trainers/loafers. Need more? statement jumper with leather cropped culottes and boots, your favourite Floral midi-skirt or dress, just add a jumper!

Now the hard decision is which one to shop...

My jumper (right) is from Debenhams and £40 !!


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This Autumn, plaid shows no sign of checking out. Dominating the high-street and high-end store's, checks and plaid are everywhere. From highlighter hues to classic colours, it's an easy-update to a relatively simple outfit. Whatever your preference, the adventurous amongst us will clash contrasting colours such as check skirts with check shoes or coats and bags - checkmate!

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As trends go the 1970's is one of the most wearable and right now the shops are spilling out with options. Biscuit shades, handkerchief hems, paisley prints and cord galore are the order of the season and whether your look is going to be a full throwback or a modern spin it's the perfect time to purchase. Shaggy shearling coats are an easy ode to the season or fine roll necks under blouses and low necklines. Collars over coats are a style win, as are long boots with pleated skirts and don't forget a sprinkle of animal print. 

See my edit below to get you started.





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Count the jumpsuit as the most easy-wearing piece in a wardrobe. Just as comfortable as its slouchy counterpart, the boiler suit, but with a more sartorial edge, making it the perfect piece for your 9-5 wardrobe. Dark shades like navy, grey and black instantly feel smart and if you want to opt for a print, subtle check's are the most appropriate option. My favourite thing about the jumpsuit is it's a one-stop outfit but if you want to make it your own, layer over smart shirts and fine rollnecks. Boots or low court shoes are a must for the office. 

Rochelle’s jumpsuit is Label Mix #getthelook

’s dress is


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